Opinion? What's that?
Published on August 5, 2008 By kryo In Misc

In this week's Mars news, NASA has officially denied rumors from over the weekend that they'd told the President that there was proof of life on Mars, and counter-rumors that they'd said life is impossible there.

In actuality, Phoenix's latest efforts in its tumultuous quest for space-dirt have resulted in ambiguous findings as to whether or not the Martian soil contains perchlorate ions, which may or may not even mean very much (some microbes use it here on earth, but it may be toxic to others, and in particular it inhibits thyroid function in humans). More, we don't even know which of many possible perchlorate salts it was, if it's really there.

So uh, yeah. More dirt, more questions, few or no answers. Just another day on Mars

on Aug 06, 2008

What a silly exercise this is.  Anyone could have told you they would never find any sign of life on Mars.  Everything left Mars years ago.  Some of them even settle on earth in New Mexico and Arizona.

on Aug 06, 2008

would this be the same NASA that can't decide if the soil can support life.

on Aug 09, 2008

@danielost: that's exactly what this article is saying.