Opinion? What's that?
Published on August 21, 2008 By kryo In Gaming

Microsoft announced today that they plan to soon add a new "game" to Xbox live soon--the 2008 elections themselves! Starting next Monday, Xbox Live users will be able to register to vote directly through the console's online system; polls and forums are planned as well.

Is this really a good idea? While there is certainly an argument to be made for getting gamers involved in government, is this really the right (and secure) way to go about it?

Security aside, I imagine all the PC gamers here are familiar with common stereotypes about the immaturity of console gamers, though granted that's generally due to the kids and teens who obviously are not eligible to vote anyway.

What do you guys think? Are any voters good voters, or should Microsoft leave well enough alone, owing to the assumption that those who care strongly enough about politics to inform themselves have probably already registered?


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on Aug 28, 2008

Of course it's a good idea  A lot of people who don't vote wouldn't even know where to start to get registered.  I'm going to be using it.