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Published on September 25, 2008 By kryo In Everything Else

gavel128In a sudden and baffling outbreak of common sense, the President and the Department of Justice have announced their opposition to some rather disturbing legislation that's been snaking its way through congress of late.

In the proposed bill, among other things, the DoJ would be given the responsibility of enforcing copyrights and prosecuting infringement, formerly civil offenses within the responsibility of the IP holders to deal with at their own expense.

Worse, the bill would grant broad powers to seize any property believed to be involved in infringement. Given that the world is filled with copyrighted materials and it's incredibly trivial for anyone to infringe on *something* at some point, even unintentionally, this should give everyone a moment of pause, to say the least.

Say what you will about the President (though in the politics section, please, no flames here), it seems that at least one thing might get done right if this bill gets vetoed as it deserves.

on Sep 25, 2008

In a sudden and baffling outbreak of common sense


Not a slight against Bush-a slight against politicians in general.  Common sense isn't nearly common enough.

on Sep 25, 2008

Do I hear the sound of four horsemen? Wow, that's damned encouraging.

on Sep 25, 2008

DOJ's resources are not infinite, and from the sound of it, this proposed new set of responsibilities has potential to suck down a ludicrous amount of law enforcement and prosecutorial time. Whatever you might think about the so-called war on terror, I imagine that the administration considers (c) "crimes" to be far, far less important.

Plus, there's all the work starting up now that we're perhaps seeing the end of the economy of lies that's been dominating Wall Street for the last couple-few decades. More perp-walking Gucci-wearers means lots more DOJ staffers busily building and prosecuting cases--hopefully some of which will move meaningful money back to taxpayers and/or defrauded investors. That'd earn lots more political hay than, say, raiding a major university and seizing nearly every laptop on campus...