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Published on November 30, 2008 By kryo In PC Gaming

Just a quick post for anyone who might be interested--Asteroid Rage (briefly mentioned in my last journal) is done. After another weekend of work (finally), it's fully playable, now with explosions, sounds (courtesy of yours truly), and the possibility of losing!

The only proviso: it seems that XNA games (at least, those from VS2005/XNA2) can't really be made into any easily distributable format. So it will require VS2005 SP1 and XNA Game Studio installed in order to run; sadly I can't seem to find any way around that.

But if there is anyone else out there looking at XNA development, feel free to give it a spin. I'll see if I can't do a real journal on this weekend's travails later in the week, as well as post the source project (going to hold off on that one until I've gotten the project turned in for credit, just to be safe ).

For now though, here's the .ccgame package for anyone who can use it.

on Dec 01, 2008

Kyro as a suggestion, you and the devs might want to have a separate section on the forum just for game devolopment discussion.  what i mean is the techncal aspects of it.  I know that Ron Luggae is also doing a CS degree and is interested in doing stuff or working for stardock in a future date probably on the game development side of things.  Also i am sure there are others in the mod community who might want to give constructive contribution to various pc game making discussions from programming to game mechanics design, etc.  I for one would be interested.  I am learning C/C++ on my own and i know that there are Allgeo/Ogre libraries exists for both languagaes which specializes for game making purposes.  Though i am not sure i will do much delving into these libraries besides just for knowing about the graphics rendering and AI aspect of game development.  However, i would not mind reading and learnign about various aspect of game development besides these two. 

on Dec 01, 2008

There is, actually, it just doesn't appear on the various game site forums (that being the reason I used the more general category).

on Dec 01, 2008

Cool stuff, Kyro. You going to port this to XNA3 and put it up on the 360 Community games list?

on Dec 01, 2008

Probably not, since it's just for a class project (and we're using .NET 2.0) for now. Plus doesn't putting stuff up at the creator's club require a pay subscribtion?

on Dec 01, 2008

Ah, yes.  When I saw XNA I immediatly assumed the 360 was your destination  

But yeah, I think if you sign up for their Dream/Build/Play context you get a free 4 month Creators Club membership...and playing your creation on the console is quite a reward in itself....if you have one, that is

on Dec 02, 2008

BoogieBac, since we are on the topic of game development; what is the ETA for a playable level of the Christmas Game?  I thought the last few playable parts were pretty cool, and it looked like you had most of it all set up.

Kryo, your asteroid game looks pretty cool.  I can't try it out due to the limitations of using XNA game studio, but I can say it is better than the best space game that I wrote when I was a kid.  (The best one was called 2012, where you were a fighter and shot down incoming fighters with various weapons.  You were fixed in the middle of the screen, with the ability to dodge left or right, and I had around 30 different weapons you could fire by pressing different keys on the keyboard - I spent most of my time making cool looking weapons to fire.  The game was about as basic as they get, but it was fun to make.)  I am assuming that it is just like the game asteroids, or am I mistaken?

on Dec 02, 2008

I am assuming that it is just like the game asteroids, or am I mistaken?

Sort of, though here you're fixed at the bottom of the screen (can move left and right) and the asteroids just come down at you from above.

on Dec 02, 2008

Are you sure that the game can't be compiled to run without XNA studio? I recall several games actually being made with XNA and I was able to play them without having it installed.

on Dec 02, 2008

Not with 2.0, at least, as far as I can tell. It seems it flat out won't work with the normal publish functions in Visual Studio, and in .ccgame format, it definitely won't work with the small XNA redist. If you've seen anywhere that it does tell of a way though, I'd be glad to hear it.

on Dec 03, 2008

So, after some digging, I've got it figured out. You still can't build an installer in VS (that just won't work, period), but it seems you can run XNA games in normal built form, provided you have .NET 2.0 SP1 and the XNA redist, and ALL of DX9. Apparently that last one is the sticky point, as the 9.0c redist that most people will have used does NOT install "everything". You have to get the DX web installer and let it download whatever it wants.

Will put up a new post shortly with all this and the game for everyone.