Opinion? What's that?

The crew over at I-Mod Productions has been hard at work the past few months, and this week they've announced not just one, but two major new releases!

First off, we've got a teaser release of the upcoming New Frontiers fan-expansion. This demo, titled Ultimate FX, includes a variety of non-gameplay enhancements, including new textures, new weapons, and new soundtrack. More details and a download link can be found over on the New Frontiers thread.

On top of that, I-Mod has announced the opening of their new Mod Metaverse website. This alternative metaverse system will allow users to play with their favorite mods, but still post the scores and compete with and against other players using the same mods. You can read further about the MMV over on its stickied thread as well.

If these sound interesting to you, don't forget that you can always find the latest news on I-Mod's various GalCiv projects over at their Impulse blog.

on Mar 26, 2009

Thanks kryo for the news!

here are some screenshots:


hope to see you soon in the MMV!

on Mar 28, 2009

Thanks for this too... i can just monitor the front page to figure if & when their server problems have been fixed!

Strangely, just this morning ScoutDog and me got to have a short period of time where we could access i-mod sites; i even had time to d/l the MMV client and was about ready to activate X-Worlds for it.

But, they are again offline.

Considering how unstable they've been lately, sorry Stefan, i'm beginning to wonder if i should pull out the old arsenal to ping and trace the whole 1and1 net until they FIX the guilty server(s).

We pay for access, we should get VERY reliable ISPs for our money.

I'll sue Bell corporation for failing their contract of services and they'll sue back Germany based gimmicks, just watch me.

on Apr 13, 2009

Link doesn't seem to work...

on Apr 13, 2009

We're trying to trace it... add the UK to the growing list.

Contact your ISP or be patient.


on Apr 22, 2009

Link doesn't seem to work...
same here...

on Apr 22, 2009

Gee, and NOW somebody from Belgium!

The whole web is collapsing or what?

on May 01, 2009

It must be the end of the world...

on May 01, 2009

seemswe have savedthe world then, at least for I-Mod hehe


worldwide availability of I-Mod is back

on May 01, 2009

Maybe now, we can concentrate at being productive with our mods... thank Keyweb_Hoster, Sven for the IP switch solution on our behalf.

And i thought it was Bell in Toronto or my own Vista/Firewall/Drivers/etc settings - i shall revise my position on these **stupidly annoying** hackers for attacking your sites, buddy.

on Jun 04, 2009

Today I finished the basis for all new Turrets in New Frontiers. They will have a similar turretstation but different "Gunpipes"

Here's a preview of what I done so far:


more follows next week!
on Jan 09, 2015

is there a download for this mod