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Published on November 11, 2008 By kryo In GalCiv II News

Is Twilight of the Arnor 2.0 still not enough to fill your hunger for Galactic Civilizations? I-Mod Productions has recently begun work on a new fan-expansion: New Frontiers. This massive new mod will be packed to bursting with original content, including:

  • Two brand new races, the Asa and the Vanir.
  • Tons of new graphics--weapon effects, models, backgrounds, and more.
  • New ship templates, styles, and modules, with more variation between races.
  • New main interface design.
  • Several new immense-size maps encompassing the sectors of the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • Post your scores and compete online through I-Mod's Mod Metaverse.

Look good? Keep an eye on I-Mod's Impulse blog for further updates as the mod progresses; a public beta is planned for late December. Also, if you have experience in 2D/3D art, music, or writing and would like to contribute to the project, I-Mod would be glad to have your help (contact them for further details).

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on Nov 11, 2008

Are they tackling anything that requires changes to the source code?    Personally, there's three things I'm dying to mod more than anything:  1) the planetary bonus tile types/frequency,  2) asteroid frequency/placement, 3) hard-coded events/mega-events/call-for-votes occurring on hard-coded dates.

on Nov 11, 2008

Are they tackling anything that requires changes to the source code?


I think it's safe to say: No. That would require access to the source code, obviously.

on Nov 11, 2008

Obviously it would imply some level of cooperation with Stardock.  And seeing as how kryo posted this promotional....

on Nov 11, 2008

We feel certain, that we can make this Expansion Pack bursting of new stuff and gameplay, without begging for code changes. But of course we have some little codechange-wishes too. If Stardock ever build them in may depend on how successfull this Community project will be.

I-Mod is working on a lot of stuff for galciv 2 to release by end of this year, and because of our new staff we are now able to hold our promises.

We plan to work on this Expansion pack for at least one year, so a lot of time to do stuff for it.

The good thing is, we are doing it from scratch, we are not making a total conversion like the unfinished X3GC2 - Rise of the Gerandor Republic Mod. Conversions have development-borders, they are allways tricky and it is possible that you recognize a huge problem at the near end of its development and are forced to stop.

Therefore we start this new project now, when we certain can say, it will be finished, and it will be developed rapidly!

on Nov 11, 2008

Obviously it would imply some level of cooperation with Stardock. And seeing as how kryo posted this promotional....

As noted, it is a fan-expansion (i.e., really big non-TC mod). No involvement on our part is planned, just promoting it a bit.

on Nov 11, 2008

Most of what is found in any Mods will always be an indirect wish for code-driven alterations to some or many features (if you have X-Worlds, you know exactly what this 'new kind of concept(s)' involves).

Tough thing to do - in fact.


There's only two ways to go from here on end... stick to default principles and adapt the modded context to whatever is present in the genuine compiled versions *OR* find some workaround tricks and implement such stuff in any mods.

I went the third way!

Simply by creating the X-Com tech tree with a number of *Implemention Pending* warning text for some specific areas where i wanted changes made by coders. While, offering the opportunity for developpers to think about *it*.

I'd say that many of us would want to add bazillions worth of modifications - solution being that we can always drop the football in someone's hand and watch them run away & along with it or, get stuck in their own pre-defined path for their gameplay ideas.

New Frontiers looks really promising, in fact. As of today!


on Nov 11, 2008

1) the planetary bonus tile types/frequency,...


...and where exactly they are all & each placed on a custom map level, btw!


Randomizing at runtime is fun, fixing up an impossible or 'better' challenge is much better from a modder (with scenario or campaign driven assets, btw) perspective.


So many other features could be added to that short list, it's mind boggling.

on Nov 13, 2008

Sounds like fun...

Good luck to all involved

on Nov 13, 2008

Sounds like good stuff to me.  I cant do any graphics stuff, but if you need help testing or what not let me know!

on Nov 14, 2008

thanks a lot guys, anyone who want to help can do this, just look around.


news: We have finalized a concept for the main plot and we have a big mass of content for the first release on christmas.

on Nov 20, 2008

If it only would include a hotseat function, I´d buy it in an instant. But as it is, not enough interesting content.

on Nov 20, 2008

Hotseat is nothing that can be modded in.

on Nov 20, 2008

Hotseat is nothing that can be modded in.

Without access to the source code.*

But essentially correct, as no one outside of SD has that.

on Nov 23, 2008

Assuming one year of work planned for this - i think it will be a commercial fan-Addon, or am i wrong and it will be downloadable 4 free? ?

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