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September 25, 2008 by kryo

gavel128In a sudden and baffling outbreak of common sense, the President and the Department of Justice have announced their opposition to some rather disturbing legislation that's been snaking its way through congress of late.

In the proposed bill, among other things, the DoJ would be given the responsibility of enforcing copyrights and prosecuting infringement, formerly civil offenses within the responsibility of the IP holders to deal with at their own expense.

October 6, 2006 by kryo
While the OTF here is the catch-all place for anything you want to discuss that's not games-related, we request that users refrain from starting overtly political and religious threads here, or others that are very likely to veer to such topics. Such threads more often than not degenerate into flamewars and do nothing to engender friendship and camaraderie among fellow players; in fact they often do the opposite and drive players away. That is not to say that Stardock has anything against su...